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We are dreamers, risk-takers, and world travelers. We have traveled the world together for over forty years, helping move people forward into their life purposes and destinies. 

As you look to your future, there are great expectations and hopes. You are preparing a plan and design to help accomplish these. Then, you hit a stoplight along the pathway to your heart's desire. What do you do now?

Somewhere along the way, we have a red light show up, and often we sit at the red light for the remainder of our lives when its purpose was to allow us to slow down and ask questions.

We desire to help you move forward with your purpose and plan. God has the most excellent way ahead for you, and it's our delight to be part of your journey.

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BHH was founded on the idea of helping excellent works that are creating hope for widows, orphans, and the lesser-knowns (aliens/strangers).

As we have traveled the world, meeting and building friendships with so many great people, we have discovered the services they are providing. These are excellent people with God-given strategies to help and bring hope. ​

As the month's progress, you will be able to follow these works that we have built friendships with and give to their needs.

BHH doesn't take any income or administration costs from gifts given to these works.