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Byron and Crystal Easterling desire to awaken every believer's identity in Christ Jesus and more fully empower them to experience the Father's heart deeply. 

Byron was mentored in the prophetic by John Paul Jackson, where he learned about his gift and calling in the prophetic. In 1997 John Paul released Byron into the prophetic ministry. Soon after, he was invited by Tony Morton to join CNet (an association of churches and ministries) based in Southampton, England. It was through this relationship that Byron began ministering extensively in Europe. 


Byron spent over twenty years as a worship leader and working musician. Alongside his skill as a pianist/vocalist, he spent time arranging, composing, and producing music for events such as the Olympics (track and field), the opening sounds for the Miami Heat, and a variety of commercial and custom music recordings. 


From 2008 – 2013, he took a personal challenge to pursue playing golf professionally, joining several tours in the U.S. and Europe. He says, "This very likely is the most prophetic action I have ever taken. It spoke life into so many as I lived out God's call to pursue our kingdom identity." 


Byron and Crystal are founders of Build His House (BHH), a non-profit 501.c3. The Easterlings serve on the boards of and advise several international ministries. Byron and Crystal have extensions of their work in many nations, including Nicaragua. It is there that they helped to establish a farm program based on a prophecy he received in 2000 to help families break out of poverty and have a life-sustaining income on a farm that they own. 


In 2008, he authored Dream Big Dream Often and has since written well over 200 blogs based on his spiritual journey. A journal series, Love Notes from Dad, is a combined effort with Crystal. He is known for his storytelling, which combines warmth and joy with spiritual authenticity. Most recently, he finished a book based on twelve years of prayer, study, conversations, and revelations called An Introduction to New Era.


Married in 1981 to Crystal, they have one married daughter, a fabulous son-in-law, and a joyful granddaughter and fast-growing grandson. Byron & Crystal live in Camarillo, California. 

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