How to begin

This is a fun adventure in the kingdom. Knowing that the Father has commissioned every believer to care for the orphan and widow it makes sense that he will provide through his church for millions of widows in need. Here's one place to start! 

Are you looking to help finance a widows home rebuild? You may give direct to BHH. See your options for giving directly to BHH. 

Building Your Team


You are asking the question, "How do I start my own FIND 9 team?"Super super easy!

  1. Grab your phone, computer, or pen and paper.

  2. Under your TODO lists create a page called, FIND 9.

  3. Next, write the numbers 1 - 10 down the page

  4. Now put your name in the #1 spot

  5. Now write down 9 other names you want to have join your FIND 9 team

  6. Go talk with them, take them to coffee or a meal or just have a chat with them about FIND 9 and why you love it and how it is helping widows have safe and secure housing

  7. When someone says yes put that name down and give them the website to donate. Have them put your team name (ie; Team Marcie or Team Maria…) in the memo so we know it's your FIND 9 team member.

  8. If someone decides not to join your team, replace that with another friend or acquaintance and go talk with them.

  9. Fill your ten team members and rebuild her home.

What Is Find9



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