What Is Celebration?

Today, portions of the Christian church celebrate Jesus walking out of his burial chamber. Being dead from crucifixion he now lives.

As I pondered this I was drawn to the word - celebrate. "How strange," I thought. Should I not be pondering his resurrection, and yet, here it was lodged in my mind unable to jar, toss or throw it out.

Celebration! What does it mean to celebrate? Actually the thought began to morph. It moved from the 'what is...' to the 'who it is...' The question rambled across my pea-pickin' brain, "When we celebrate are we generally focused on an accomplishment or the person of that accomplishment?"

Most Celebrations I'm around are about a someone not a something. A person or group of people. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Accomplishments are most likely celebrating the person or people who did the accomplishing.

Then to celebrate Easter is it more about the act of rising from the dead or how Christ's great love for us caused him to take this marvelous and amazing journey?

Are we celebrating the act or accomplishment of rising from the dead, or are we celebrating Jesus himself?

If we are celebrating Jesus, then let this day be a spring board to celebrating him everyday. Let it be a reminder that we celebrate people more than their accomplishments and when we sit together over a coffee or meal that we can and should celebrate each other.

Happy Easter all!


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