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Seer & the Watchman

The Seer and the Watchman began in the late 1990s as we gathered prophets, intercessors, and musicians for two days of waiting and listening for the Father's heart. We recorded each session beginning with a revelation followed by prayers pouring out and new songs being created, and we knew that we had discovered the Father's heart for our tribe. 

Byron firmly believes that tribes or communities have like hearts and spirits. When they gather together, a synergy opens the heavens, and fresh revelation can spill out. This is our heart here at BHH for the Seer and the Watchman gatherings - to see the Lord release fresh revelation, powerful prayers, and new music that creates kingdom synergy. 

The purpose is to take the Seer and the Watchman sessions outcome and have a way to continue in united prayer. Our next Seer and the Watchman is coming in 2023. Get on the list to receive updates and invitations. Sign up for updates in the footer.

Beyond the Wall

My first remembrance of using my gift outside the walls was participating in dream interpretation at a Borders Bookstore in Fort Worth, Texas. It took some work to create language that would be effective other than Christianesse. Since then, I have had many opportunities to use the prophetic in various settings outside the church. These experiences made me think about what taking the prophetic into our daily lives means.


To explore this topic further, we are creating a series of videos that will provide ways to activate your faith through your prophetic gifting outside the walls of the local fellowship. I hope you will join me and our guests on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe and hit the bell to notify you of new videos.


Let's be bold in sharing the prophetic outside of the church walls and be a witness to the world of God's love and power. Trust that He will use us for His purposes.

Byron's Book Releases

Juan Borque, MO

"If you are looking for some help with a plan to fit your lifestyle, then look no further than this book."

Liz Savage, CA

"It's obvious Byron speaks from a solid relationship with God and his books are full of nuggets."

Jeff Stranger, IN

"As you stated, our dreams don't have an expiration date. Now, I'm working on the plan of action."

Byron's Music Releases

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