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bhh is a nonprofit 501.c3

"It's amazing to watch the transformation of what to us is a simple structure, but to these widows it's their home. To have more would invite segregation and cause them to be ridiculed. We want to bless these women not cause them trouble. They have been chosen carefully by their local leaders/pastors who have watched them serve the people around them and be a blessing to many in spite of their need." ~ Byron/President of BHH, inc.

Many widows own a home but lack the finances to renovate. It was amazing that together we saw Regina's home go from near catastrophe to a solid, safe home. Renovating the floors, walls, foundation, roof, doors, was a complete renovation for $10,000. Amazing the results and the joy on Regina's face as she walked into her newly renovated home. 

Byron and Crystal are founders of Build His House (BHH), a non-profit 501.c3 focused on creating excellent housing for widows and single mothers. The Easterling’s serve on the boards of, and advise several international ministries including the anti-trafficking of women and children with Iris Cambodia and Hope Refuge. 


     Byron and Crystal have extensions of their work in many nations including Nicaragua. It is there that they helped to establish a farm program based from an insight he received in 2000 to help families break out of poverty and have a life sustaining income on a farm that they own.


     Married in 1981 to Crystal, they have one married daughter, a fabulous son-in-law and a joyful granddaughter and fast growing grandson. Byron & Crystal live in Camarillo, California. 


BHH is a non profit 501.c3. Your gifts help create excellent housing for widows and single mothers in Central America. Donations are tax deductible.

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